Don't miss the launch of Moja Love on DStv Channel 157.


Every story has heart on Moja Love
A brand new channel launching this February on DStv

  • Show Me Love

    WED | 14 FEB | 17H30
  • Hope

    WED | 14 FEB | 19H00


A 24-hour channel filled with fresh, new-to-air shows that are locally produced. Get ready to catch the Moja Love bug this Valentine’s Day as we laugh, cry and talk our way into the hearts of women throughout our nation. Expect an exciting line-up of content on Moja Love including the highly anticipated telenovela Hope

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Watch Hope, Mondays - Thursdays on Moja Love (DStv 157) at 19:00

A riveting drama series centred around the life of Pastor Zakes Buthelezi – a meek pastor whose faith and integrity are put to the test.

Show me Love a talk show that aims to motivate, enlighten, inspire and empower South African women.

Watch Moja Love on DSTV channel 157


With over 20 shows, expect to see the universal themes of love through a variety of shows ranging from telenovelas, dramas, sitcoms, reality, actuality to interactive talk shows.

Want to know more about the shows on Moja Love? Take a look at some of the must-watch titles!

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Scroll through our amazing cast!

- Nimrod Nkosi
- Moss Makwati
- Thenjiwe Moseley
- Nat Ramabulana
- Charmaine Mtinta
- Lorraine Moropa
- Sikekelwa Vuyeleni
- And More!!

  • Abigail

    - Show Me Love
  • KG

    - Show Me Love
  • Nontobeko

    - Show Me Love
  • Nat Ramabulana

    - Hope
  • Charmaine Mtinta

    - Hope
  • Nimrod Nkosi

    - Hope
  • Lorraine Moropa

    - Hope
  • Sikekelwa Vuyeleni

    - Hope